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Friday, July 08, 2005

[General] Terrorists Ruin the Day for Everyone

Bloody terrorists.

I am very pissed off at these dicks for two reasons. For taking life but also the lives that they took. Not those of the politicians, who are conveniently all in the same place at the moment. But lives of just regular workers. 9-5 people. I understand that this is the nature of terrorism. You can’t spell “terrorism” with out “terror”. Perhaps I am most disturbed by the fact that I have just got off a bus and my friends are travelling by train. If you think about it you begin to realise that work really isn’t worth it. Actually, if you are in London, or indeed anywhere in England, screw work. Go home and hug the ones you love, it'll make you feel better and it is a damn sight more important right now.

I have got a couple of friends in England at the moment. One’s travel blog says he’s in Oxford at the moment (which is apparently quite far from London). The other was staying in London but he possibly wouldn’t be commuting at that time of the day. Paul and Mike sing out if you are ok.

The other thing I’m pissed off about is the fact that now (conspiracy theorists, be at the ready) the G8 have a new focus. Those bombs killed more than 37 London commuters. They may have also sealed the fates of millions of Africans who were looking forward to a whole big bunch of aid.

US President George W Bush, speaking at the G8 summit, told reporters: "The war on terror goes on".

"We will not yield to these terrorists, we will find them, we will bring them to justice," he said.

See anyone, Bob Geldof included, who says “Hey remember Africa?” will be frowned upon and told “All those people in London died”. For those aforementioned conspiracy theorists who would have the motive to halt talks on giving aid to Africa? It doesn’t help that a lot of Africa is “Muslim Country”.

Just to fuel the conspiracy fire, here is a quote from Stuff.co.nz:

"We are clearly shocked but we are not surprised by what has happened," assistant deputy commissioner of London police Brian Paddick told reporters, adding no warning had been received.

"Not surprised"? Did they know this was going to happen?


Summing up:

  • Terrorists = despicable
  • World leaders = bad
  • African aid = good
  • 37 dead & ~700 injured people = fucking terrible

PS. I had intended to write a humorous piece about London winning the Olympics. Glad I didn’t.

1 comment:

mike said...

Hello there. Still here. Not letting a bunch of Grade-A jerks spoil my holiday. Note to terrorists - this doesn't help your cause, you eggs. Hope they catch you and use you for medical experiments. Anyway, yep currently in Oxford, and moving up the country to the north of England today. The friend I was staying with in London last week sent me a text yesterday to say he was ok, but that it had been too close for comfort (he works in between the Edgware Rd and Kings Cross stations, although he uses the Northern Line which wasn't hit). PS I didn't read your Lost post because I haven't seen it yet, and they don't seem to have it over here in England. France has it, but it was all in French and, like Australia, they're way behind NZ. I'm getting Lost withdrawal symptoms.