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Monday, July 04, 2005

[General] Weakend

Here it is.

New Zealand sports blog that doesn’t have time to talk about the All Blacks emphatic victory over the British and Irish Lions. Nope I am much to busy to mention the 33 points scored by Dan Carter (a record number apparently but no one will say what the record was. Perhaps it was “the most points scored by Dan Cater against the Lions”).

Nope, I am way too busy to mention that. I am also too busy to mention that Roger Federer beat Andy Roddick (again) to take the Wimbledon title (again). Way too busy to congratulate Venus Williams on winning the women’s tournament after a recent slump in form (we here at the Hammer enjoy seeing players come back from the brink to being great again).

No I’ve gone back to my old job and I am quite busy (well not with actual work but with the business of changing jobs). I am way too busy to continue the draft screenplay for the Paul Campion short film project: “Death Hamsters from Hell” ™. So I am currently still stuck on page 10.

I had a great night on Saturday. Wellington sure does know how to throw a party. We were able to get a spot in Hope Bros. and afterwards a friend got us a sweet table at Boulot on Blair St (note: the name may not actually be Boulot, I can’t quite remember). We ate and cocktailed and were merry. I fully recommend the Rude Boy and the Jacob's Ladder cocktails (Jacob's Ladder is a version of Matterhorn's Falling Water).

That’ll have to do for now due to the aforementioned busy-ness.

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