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Thursday, February 09, 2006

[Breakfast of Champions] Part 2: Café Milli

This weekend while out and about we decided to stop in at Café Milli in Island Bay (formerly the Island Bay Café). Low and behold this Turkish themed café had a big breakfast! So with my quest in mind I boldly ordered it. Actually the menu had it labelled as “bacon and eggs” but considering the list of ingredients below this was quite a misnomer and so I let that slide.

For $13 I got two (2) kransky sausages, two (2) poached eggs, a slice (1) of ciabatta toast some bacon (it’s hard to get an exact amount), a tomato (served a two halves) and, get this, wedges. I took a photo with Amy’s phone but it didn’t work right.

At first I thought that wedges were a good idea. I’m not sure if they are a staple of a Turkish breakfast though. Unfortunately they suffered the same fate as the hash browns of Epic: they were not homemade. They seemed like they were straight from the Watties factory.

Oh, well. The rest of the breakfast was passable, but not extraordinary. And I was left feeling hungry. I even finished Amy’s kebab. I was asked how I wanted my eggs, which is always nice. The tomatoes were cooked quite nicely and came with a nice basil pesto thing and I actually ate one of the halves (which is amazing for me). Oh, and I know I’m not reviewing this part but, the coffee was pretty bad too.

Overall Score: 6: Could try harder.

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ben.run said...

I once ordered a steak meal, I was asked how I would like the steak cooked. I said "average". They laughed at me.
I am not sure this is relevant to your post, but there you go.