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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

[General] The pen sure is bloody mighty!

Who knew that crappy drawings could cause so much trouble? Both South Park and those anti-Islam cartoons were hardly great works of art. At least South Park is funny.

Max Recruitment managing director Patrick Quin has pulled his $6000 per month advertising from TV3 after the station decided to play the
South Park episode with the bleeding Virgin Mary.

Mr Quin said the television station should spend more time checking the demographics of advertisers and less time studying the demographics of their audience.

Actually TV stations couldn’t give a shit about advertiser demographics. The audience brings in the advertisers not the other way around. Maybe Mr Quin should spend more time studying TV3 audience demographics.

"I am not only insulted as a Catholic but as a husband and a father," he told NZPA.

Mr Quin said it was ironic that, as he did not attend church, he was unaware of the protest the church made in the weekend.

Actually I don’t think that is “irony”, its coincidence. If Mr Quin had not been aware of the protests how did he hear about the episode at all? The closest thing to irony in this (and I don’t think its irony because I think it was carefully planned) is that Mr Quin will receive more publicity for this story than his $6000 a month.

Oh well at least it wasn’t Christian lobby group intimidating advertisers.

Speaking of idiots: Someone has poisoned a 300 year old pohutukawa on Great Barrier Island. The locals think they know who did it and want to burn down that person’s home. This is a little drastic, maybe just drill holes in him/her and pour in illegal poisons. That seems fair.

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