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Friday, February 24, 2006

[General] I Think, Therefore iPod

On the Onion AV Club today they interviewed a bunch of musicians and comedians by telling them to put their iPods onto shuffle and explain the songs that came up. [They also did Five Truly Useful Websites which is invaluable.]

I thought this was really interesting and so did it to myself for a blog post. Here are the results.

  1. They Call it the Blues – Elton John
    I was brought up on Elton John. My first concert was his when One tour came to
    Auckland. I’ve always liked his sound (with the exception of the sappy 90’s stuff). I tend to differ from my parents in this respect. I like his early stuff from when he was hanging out with The Who rather than when he was hanging out with Anastacia. So the iPod has a lot of Elton, also me and my girlfriend like to belt out his tunes while we drive
  2. Wild AmericaIggy Pop
    “…and his butch girlfriend who I thought was a man”. I’ll level with you. This is the first time I have heard this song on my iPod because I have only just loaded my new copy of A Million in Prizes. I’m new to the whole Iggy Pop experience but have thrown myself in with gusto.
  3. Lump – Presidents of the USA
    I love this album. Kick out the Jams is high up on my favourite songs of all time. Lump was the first single from the PUSA and you can’t help but like it (like all of the other songs on the album). It’s just fun rock!
  4. As Ugly As I Seem – The White Stripes
    Not my favourite song off Get Behind Me Satan (that goes to Denial Twist). Like Iggy Pop I discovered the White Stripes late, like a year or so before Elephant. So I’m still catching up.
  5. Star 69 – REM
    I’m a big REM fan. I got Monster in fifth form the day it came out. I loved it from the first play (though I seem to be the only one for some reason) and this is my favourite song. The lyrics are reverbed over the top of one another so that individual words are practically indistinguishable. This song is amazing live and I have been lucky enough to see it twice now.
  6. Riverhead – Goldenhorse
    The title track off a great kiwi album. My interest in Goldenhorse has waned somewhat after they were seen EVERYWHERE. Free concerts, festivals, etc etc. Luckily I saw them at Bodega before the went all “mainstream” (ho ho)
  7. Karma (unplugged) – Alicia Keys
    I like Alicia Keys. She is an amazing singer with real talent not like some other Grammy winners. This is from her Unplugged album which I got f
    or Christmas. Her voice is so polished though that it may as well be a studio recording.
  8. First Time – Hollie Smith
    Wow, more RnB/Soul. Hollie is another great singer though, as we discussed at Splore, she needs to talk (and swear) less during live performances.
  9. Going Home – Feelstyle
    The third local act in my ten, awesome. I say local but Feelstyle is originally from
    Samoa. This is one of his English tracks but is about going back to the islands. I am such a white-boy hip-hop fan, but that seems to be becoming mare and more acceptable these days.
  10. Kids – Kylie Minogue and Robbie Williams
    Et tu iPod? This is one of the Kylie Minogue songs that lie within my music collection (there are a few Robbie Williams tracks as well but not as many). I like Kylie for two reasons. One: She sings some damn infectious tunes. Two: She is HOT!

This is kind of fun and I recommend it to any other blogger with time to kill.

ps. I'm quite proud of this post's title (though I imagine that someone else thought of it first)

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ben.run said...

I have the Elton John song, and the albumn Monster from REM too. I bought that when it came out, though I think I had finished school then. My favourtie was "What's the frequency Kenneth"