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Monday, February 13, 2006

[General] Hula hula!

What a weekend!

It bucketed down on Friday night but we were too drunk to really mind. It was ours friend’s leaving do and we were all in high spirits.

Saturday involved a lot of relaxing. Amy went shopping for my birthday present! Hooray! And got to listen to our first ever podcast.

D’you like how I slipped that in there? Me, Mike and Dom are doing a rugby podcast. The first ever southern hemisphere rugby podcast in the world!!! All the details are at the official Dropkicks blog, including such burning topics as: how to get the podcast.

The first one was a bit long but we’ll cut that down over the next few weeks (especially because I won’t talk about American Football again).

Then Sunday was Hula Laguna and the Late Night Luau!

The “ultimate Hula bar” was a bit of a let down (the only “exotic cocktails” they served were pre-mixed rum and cokes) but the rest of the day was awesome. The rain stayed away (which I know believe is mainly due a sheer force of will from Wellingtonians so they can enjoy outdoor events) the wind was a little chilly but dropped away when Fat Freddy’s started.

The Drop were much better at the Laguna than they were at Petone a few weeks ago. They had more energy or something. They also had Ladi Six for Roady (my favourite song) which made it SO much better.

I also got to watch the first three episodes of Firefly. Finally. Our video store has just got the set in and so now we are working our way through them. Man that Jewel Staite (Kaylee) is CUTE!

And lastly for this short post: I had a look at what I wrote about last year’s Superbowl. I found this little gem tucked right at the bottom.

Well the season is over, except for the Pro-Bowl. Next year I predict that Superbowl XL will be between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Pittsburgh Steelers. You can hold me to that.

I got one half of that one right!


Tom said...

Ah, looks like there were some common themes to the weekend!

Also, pardon my ignorance of things podular, but how does one get the podcast without iTunes? Can one just download it as an mp3 somewhere?

mike said...

Yep, you can Tom.

(1) If you have an RSS client, point it to

(watch the wrap)

I haven't actually tried doing that, but it is RSS we're using, so should work in any RSS client; or

(2) if you can read the XML/RSS you'll see that the file name is

(watch the wrap)

I hope you get the right one - my first upload failed and there's a 1.1Mb partial file with the same name that I'm not sure how to get rid of (the whole point of www.archive.org is that nothing is deleted it seems!). The proper file has the same name (but I guess is in a different directory), but is 30Mb.

mike said...

The Dropkicks blog has now been updated with all kinds of technical stuff about the podcast and how to get it.