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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Spice Girl [User Created Content #1]

I received my first response to my user created content idea.

Wanda…no, wait Martha wrote me a short post summing up England’s heart-breaking loss to Portugal in the World Cup Quarterfinals. Martha is one of the (exclusive) Wellingtonista crew. She’s in our Lower Hutt Posse.

Martha also organises the regular Stitch and Bitch sessions in Petone.

She writes:

Hey Hadyn,

I've put heaps of thought into this, so you'd better love it.
And I do. Especially the use of the word “Dude” which I use with alarming regularity in real life.

Here it is:

Then like this sporty guy who is married to a Spice Girl, totally like quit! Dude. It was awesome. And kind of sad. But mainly awesome.

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