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Friday, July 07, 2006

What's with that?

When we wanted to send people into space to see the view we just combined a bunch of metal, plastic and circuits together, and hey presto! we were in space, supporting the lives of 7 people in the most hostile environment within man’s reach. When we wanted a hot pie from frozen in minutes we just combined a bunch of metal, plastic, and circuits, and hey presto! a minute later we was chowing down on a tasty, nutritious gravy bucket.

We are constantly pushing the boundaries of technology and physics. We can transport several tonnes of freight and humans across thousands of miles of ocean to bring millions of people together simply by combining a bunch of metal, plastic, and circuits.

But poor old North Korea can’t transport several tonnes of nuclear material in the form of a bomb, across several thousand miles of ocean to tear millions of people apart.

What’s with that?

What the hell are they 'testing'? Heck, with no money and just a bit of paper, I can build a dart that flies across the room and drops my latest report on my boss's desk, all in one. Its all a bit fishy to me.

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