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Friday, September 15, 2006

Bar Bob Cool

We just found this great bar which I think is called Bob Cool, but I could be wrong. It’s down an alleyway in the normally tourist clogged St Germain. Which alleyway? I don’t know. We weren’t in the best of senses when we left. I did manage to snap this shot of the bar though (right).

We went in for one reason: Happy Hour. We left three or four happy hours later. The main reason for this was the bar flies: an American who worked at the bar, a sozzled Brit and a happy French barman. The American served us and then sat down next to us and spoke about his life. He had been a doctor in Mexico after moving from his native Texas, now he lived in Paris as an artist and part-time barman. I have a feeling that the British guy owned the bar but he was almost incoherent at times.

We spoke at length about the universe, ufos, history, art, faking your own death, fishing, cultural differences, sport, you know the usual stuff. After a few beers we stumbled off to have a brilliant Greek dinner (yes, I know Greek food in Paris) and then stumbled back to have a bottle of Champagne. The guys were so friendly that they even bought us drinks! I had a caiparinha that damn near blew my head off. All in all a great night out.

So if you find yourself in Paris go to Rue de Schmumblemumblemumble (it’s somewhere near the fountain of St Michel) and find Bob Cool (if that’s what it’s actually called).

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Anonymous said...

Its called the Bob cool and its on rue des grands augustins( off of rue de sant andre de artes)... glad you enjoyed it. I spent a year drinking there and the people you described ( very accuratley) are dear friends. Its a great bar and I have the fondest of memories there.