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Sunday, September 03, 2006

London town

I was quite mean to London in my Wellingtonista post. London is a lovely old city. Man, is it old. Something happened everywhere at sometime. Every small piece of green is accompanied by a statue of someone be they actually famous (Churchill, right) or someone you’ve never heard of before (Baron Gilbert of Sussex, not pictured) they all have a statue, basically if you lived in London a long time ago, you get a statue.

Today we went to the Sherlock Holmes Museum. This meant comedy photos galore. It also revealed something about the British psyche. They strongly associate Holmes with Jack the Ripper. Beside Sherlock Holmes fridge magnets and deerstalker hats sat books about Jack the Ripper and the museum itself has notices up implying that the police asked the detective to help solve the case. I think that perhaps they wish he had somehow. That while Jack was stalking Whitechapel murdering prostitutes, hot on his heels was Holmes, magnifying glass in hand.

It’s also raining today. The temperature is far from tropical but I suppose London isn’t the best destination to get a tan. The rain seems to suit London, it’s a far more winter town than a hot summer one (especially considering the reports we’ve been given of the recent heat wave). The tubes don’t have air conditioning and are sweltering even in these mild conditions. Speaking of the tube, I saw the best movie-based t-shirt while riding the Bakerloo line yesterday. It said: {snakes} Î R2. It reminded me of Jo.

More later, but here is a picture of Bodicea

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mike said...

Oh dear, I just got that t-shirt. I guess that makes me a nerd. rdrr.