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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Been a pimp so long I knew Ghandi when he had an afro

Wooo, it's been a while since I brought the pimp game*.

First I'll pimp myself: The Dropkicks are back podcasting. We've got new people, a slightly new format and a brand new editor/producer. It is seriously wicked. The podcast will be up at the end of the week.

I also need to pimp the fact that the movie I penned with Mike has been released to an unsuspecting public. Night of the Hell Hamsters will be showing at a Horror Film Festival near you, soon (offical website to be upgraded soon, if not by now). The NZ premiere was held behind closed doors to a select few at Peter Jackson's Park Road Post. Seriously flash.

Jessica, who starred in our brilliant 48hour film and was one of the chosen few last night, has entered a competition on Jump Cut. She made a film and now needs people to see it and vote. (Just so you know, voting requires a free non-spam registration). Needless to say that she is super-talented and when she's famous you can say "I helped her get where she is today".

Here's the film. Here's the pitch: Carmen's menial afternoon is interrupted by some freeloader trying to impress his girlfriend. Carmen isn't having any of it and takes the argument to her brother Sal in her mother tongue.

*Note: this is a sad attempt at being "street". Do the kids still say "street"?

1 comment:

llew said...

That's great. She's hot BTW. And been handcuffed to Tom? A, the experiences that make up a life...