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Wednesday, March 28, 2007


With all the protests and carry on, one might not see the furore for the trees.

Check out the (roughly) 12yo boy (photo in the NZ Herald article linked above) with the placard saying "Freedom's Ramparts On The Sea". I don't even know what that means, or how to apply it here.

Also from the article: "One observer estimated that the anti-smacking bill protesters numbered more than 500"

Yeah, well I heard that there were a million people there. Idiots (both Herald and protesters)

I began to wonder, if the bill did go through, whether there would be idiots like those who opened bars where people could smoke after that was outlawed. Idiots who would beat their kids half to death just to thumb their nose at the Government.

For more anger causing comments please see the Herald's comments page. James summed it up thusly:

...my favourite ...

"Why not lower the drinking age/the age of consent/the driverlicensing age/legalise pot and meth and whatever else we need to do to send us into the pits of hell."

The PITS of HELL people! (which, I read in the Dom today, that the Pope has confirmed *does* exist).

Anyone get the title reference by the way? Geeks.


llew said...

The Incredible Hulk?

Failing that, I'll go ultra geeky & try Rorschach from the Watchmen.

Hadyn said...

Wow Rorschach! I was not expecting that level of alt-geekery.

Neither are right though, it's actually from Ben Stiller's Mr Furious character from Mystery Men (which I heartily recommend)

llew said...

Hah! Yes, seen it. What does William H Macy's character call himself? The Shovel?

Michael said...

"Freedom's ramparts on the sea" is in the last verse of the national anthem (the same one that blathers on about "our nation's van"). How it's relevant, I don't know, although that is one of the more explicitly religious verses ("make us faithful unto Thee", "working out Thy Glorious plan"), I guess that could be a sort of reason.

Hadyn said...

I have never heard that verse (though I did know it existed). Sounds terrible.

But I didn't know the country had a van?! Could I borrow it?