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Friday, March 23, 2007

Testing times

I’ve got a little plan in the works that I’ll lay out here soon, but for now a little angriness.

Here on the Sportsfreak forums some idiot called DArcy is talking about gay sportsmen and women. A fairly good post on the topic was written on the Sportsfreak website a while ago (Sportsfreak is also home to the excellent piece about “New Laddism”).

DArcy claims to have read a book called “'Why men don't listen and women can't read maps” and from that he gives the following:

although the percentage of homosexuals in the general population would suggest that our sports teams should be equally dosed with said folk, this is not the case due to one simple fact. does anyone want to know? it also covers why lesbians are more prevalent in sport.
He continues:

it's a gene thing biff. we all start life as women. after a few weeks in the womb the chromosomes get busy on it and we lean to chick or bloke. blokes hunt. chicks nurture. the more feminine a man becomes, the less likely he is inclined
to indulge in hunting related tasks, ie sport..not as much testosterone you see. reverse that for women....too much testosterone, more of a tendancy to indulge in hunting related tasks.....

make sense?

Nope, but carry on:

generalisation. take an average sized room filled with males and females, generally the males are taller and broader. i base my previous posts on this.

because in the cave days, men chased lunch, we've developed a spacial ability beyond that of women. distance, velocity, angles etc all assist us in hunting, a key to survival. women looked after the kids, and developed superior language skills, peripheral vision etc, more, but different keys to human survival. these tendencies are still reflected in the modern era. eg, men dominate darts and snooker, even though strength is not a key attribute in these pursuits, women can't compete, as they dont possess the primeval skills that we developed as hunters.....

am i still making sense?

I don’t know if he ever was making sense. Gay men don’t have much testosterone?

According to Wikipedia, testosterone’s effect on adults are:
  • Maintenance of muscle mass and strength.
  • Maintenance of bone density and strength.
  • Libido and erection frequency.
  • Mental and physical energy.

It also gives you hair and large organs (both internal and external). But no where does this say that it makes you dextrous and able to hunt animals. Sure men have more testosterone than women (in general) and so make better athletes due to bigger muscles, bones, hearts, lungs etc but this has nothing to do with someone’s sexual orientation.

Testosterone also effects libido (more testosterone, higher libido). Even the most conservative gay-hating Christians have never accused gay men of having a low libido (often it’s the opposite). Moreover has DArcy ever heard of “bears”?

Those with a background in biology are welcome to comment (as are those without but please no “un-experts”)


Anonymous said...

Background info:

The Darcy poster in question on the Sportsfreak site is D'Arcy Waldegrave; afternoon host on Radio Sport

Leg Break

Anonymous said...

Darcy is a drunk

Hadyn said...

Drinking lowers testosterone levels in men (and raises it in women).