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Friday, March 16, 2007

iPod hurts my albums

The Raconteurs have become a casualty of my iPod. They were put on there when their album (Broken Boy Toy soldier*) came out last year but I didn’t listen to it, being a randomise junkie, until just recently.

See the iPod has completely changed how I listen to music. I don’t mean that I’m able to wander around town more, but that I don’t really listen to albums as album anymore.

Artists and producers slave (I assume) to carefully craft a collection of songs so as to elicit moods and thought patterns in their listeners or to match it perfectly to a movie**. Yet here I am listening to my homemade playlists and usually on random.

So the Raconteurs managed to slip past my playlists and sat in the bowels of my iPod until one day I remembered them, and LO!, their sound brought great joy to me and my lady.

I have since remedied the situation with a “Good New Stuff” playlist (that I listen to on random). But to create the list I have to listen to the album three or four times. Another case of me outsmarting myself.

*See, it's so bad I got the name wrong: Broken Boy Soldiers
**Seems as a good a time as any to say that I hate Pink Floyd as much as I hate the Eagles

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