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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Herald, readers, high

At 8.15am this morning the Herald reported that BBC Radio 1 was censoring the word "faggot" in the Pogues, Fairytale of New York. At 9.00am they reported that this was no longer the case. Wow. 45mins is pretty good, except that the articles mention the passing of a day before the censorship was overturned.

Anyhow to keep with my festive theme and my theme of the Herald and it's readers being dim (or maybe just high), the esteemed newspaper/website reported that it's readers had voted Snoopy's Christmas the worst Christmas song.

Snoopy's Christmas features everything you could ever want in a Christmas song:

  • a tense dogfight (pun!) over the battlefields of World War One*;
  • foes coming together in peace;
  • vague historical accuracy (which is more than can be said of some carols);
  • simulated German accents and;
  • a dog flying a plane and drinking booze.
These, mixed with the awesome vocals of the Royal Guardsmen (though I don't about their new version Snoopy vs Osama - that is not a lie), and the fact that it's not religious put Snoopy's Christmas near the top of my favourite holiday tunes.

Here's my top five:
  1. Fairytale of New York, The Pogues
  2. Christmas in Hollis, Run DMC (note: the Herald had this listed as "Christmas in Hollies")
  3. Soulful Christmas, James Brown.
  4. So This is Christmas, John Lennon
  5. 12 Days of Christmas, John Denver and the Muppets
But what song would I put as the worst? Well we all hate those stupid "Grandma got run over by a reindeer" parody songs. But I really hate the Little Drummer Boy. I'll show you "parapa-pum-pum", Muthafucka!**

Anyhow here's Run DMC

*Which at that time was just called "The World War"
**no, I have no idea what means either


llew said...

I heard David Bowie & Bing Crosby singing The little Drummer Boy the other day.

Could've been worse.

Tom said...

'Which at that time was just called "The World War"'

Actually, it was called "The Great War". Which was the fashion at the time.

stephen said...

Why censor when ppl will do it for you:
Friday farce: Fairytale Of New York.

Triple T said...

actually... i like that bowie/crosby song.

bloody awful video though