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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Man of the Year

“He’s connected, a good conversationalist, interesting, well-read, opinionated, accomplished, well traveled and has a healthy net worth,”

Of course you know who the above quote is about: Marc Ellis (that’s why he couldn’t spell “travelled”).

Something fishy is going on here. For the last two years Marc Ellis has been named “Man of the Year” by M2 magazine (somewhere between Maxim and GQ but for kiwis, so it’s bound to be good right?). In 2006 he was voted in by readers of M2, described as the emerging kiwi men. “Marc Ellis is not only the Best New Zealand Man as chosen by the emerging man, he’s the perfect example of one… But as past indiscretions have shown, he’s not perfect – something that helps him inspire such empathy and respect from other New Zealand men.”

And then he won again this year. In a year when Flight of the Conchords are the hottest thing in New Zealand and around the world, having won and been nominated for multiple awards including Salon.com’s Sexiest Men line-up.

Ellis’ contributions last year were to advertise his various ventures. Did he actually do anything that wasn’t just self-aggrandising stunts?

This is so wrong it’s suspicious. I’m not accusing M2 of picking Ellis for some financial reason, but I’m thinking that something is (how do you say?) up.

Then again maybe M2 just has the wrong impression of its readers: [our readers, the emerging man] will go to the cricket to have a few Tuis with his mates and hang out in the terraces, then scrub up to go to Cirque du Soleil with his wife that night and have a Heineken at the bar.

Drunks who will actively drink Tui all day and then show up drunk to a night out with “the missus” and promptly go to the bar and order a Heineken because they think it’s a fancy beer, then make “witty” comments throughout the performance. Yep, that sounds like a Marc Ellis type to me.

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Anonymous said...

The only times I've read M2 (at a hairdressers or some such), it didn't seem too bad by the standards of such thing: more GQ than Maxim, though with a definite emphasis on "boy's toys" (cars and boats) rather than fashion and literature. So Marc Ellis is a bit of a shock: I thought they might go for some sort of emerging businessman (though I guess they count Ellis as that, which is scary), such as Sam Morgan, Jeremy Moon or perhaps Richard Taylor.

Mind you, the very thought of a "GQ for kiwis" sounds like an oxymoron. Is one to expect articles on the right cufflinks to wear with a black singlet, or on how to server Tui at a dinner party? The mind boggles.