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Friday, February 15, 2008

New Depths of Bad Journalism

Unsurprisingly this comes from the Herald:

An image from Mars taken by NASA's Sprint Rover shows an image that resembles a figure walking among the planet's rocks.

A magnified version of the image has been posted on the internet. Bloggers have been debating whether the image points to evidence of alien life on the red planet.

The so-called "Martian Bigfoot" has been around for weeks now and was roundly dismissed by bloggers, not "debated". Unless you count conspiracy theory loonies.

See the Bad Astronomy Blog for all the details (also note the date of the post, Jan 21).

But Jeebus, Herald, get your shit together!


llew said...

Is that a coke can behind him?

llew said...

ZHere's the same scene, just one hour after the martian walked past.