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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My Morning Walk

You don’t care but here is an iPod shuffle list that I had this morning on the way to work. I accidentally hit play instead of select and then instead of selecting the playlist I wanted I let the iPod decide what I should listen to. It was a good wee list too and made the morning a bit nicer.

Unguided by The New Pornographers [Challengers]

Take on Me by A-ha [Searching High and Low]

Garden by Pearl Jam [Ten]

I’m so Ronery by Trey Parker and Matt Stone [Team America: World Police soundtrack]

Stadium Blitzer by The Gourds [Stadium Blitzer]

October Song by Amy Winehouse [Frank]

Bum Like You by Robyn [Robyn]

Breath by Pearl Jam [Singles soundtrack]

Peppermint Twist by Joey Dee and the Starlighters [Billboard Top 100 1963(?)]

Anti-Gay Phone Call part 2 by Eugene Mirman [a comedy piece and well worth listening to]

Dirty Man by Joss Stone [The Soul Sessions]

Juggle Tings Proper by Roots Manuva [Brand New Second Hand]

Candy by Iggy Pop [A Million in Prizes]

If you are a pedant or a stalker you can tot up all the times of those tracks and figure out how long it took me to walk to work this morning.

I also dodged a bullet in that the next song was Central Plateau by Twinset [Flavour Country] and while I like Twinset (and they are very nice live) I just don’t like that album at all (which does beg the question, why is it on my iPod?)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Hadyn,
Thanks a lot for posting the piece about Finn. He's my brother and I'm coming over to NZ next week, should be in Wellington next Sat or Sun. I'm going to be trying to organising some searches so would really appreciate your help in putting the word out, more detail to follow. Thanks again.


PS You can contact me at zoegilbert33@yahoo.co.uk