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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Overthrow The World: Stage 2

The editor of www.varsity.co.nz, Neale Jones, has very nicely asked me to do an occasional rant for them. My first column is up here. In it I expand on my earlier post about the controversy over swastikas. I also muse over the current campaign to change the NZ flag. Clearly such a change is only warranted when there's a major overhaul in the society, like if we change to fascism or wot not.

If you have a spare half hour or so (and even if you don't) take look at
www.snopes.com. It's an urban legend database that's actually worth your time. Barbara and David Mikkelson put a lot of effort into regularly updating the entries and do a great job. The design of the site could be snappier, but it's by no means difficult to navigate. Start at the 9/11 rumours and work your way out.

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