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Thursday, May 05, 2005

[General] The real List of Fury

Just a quick Blog today…

People I hate:

  1. Former Queenstown councillor and lawyer Warren McKeague

    He was found with 495 images of children (mainly pre-pubescent girls) on his computer. He pleaded guilty and his high-priced lawyer got him off. Outside he had the audacity to talk to the press and smile when he said he knew why he did it but wasn’t saying why.

    His lawyer Mr Pip Hall (oh yeah, you make the list too buddy!) argued that the act was no premeditated and that there were "no real victims" of McKeague's crime. He continued with his thought that “none of the images were "extreme perversion" and none depicted sex with adults, other children or animals. The images were at the lower end of the scale and all had been deleted and could not be accessed again without going back into the website”.

    Does that really matter? And I’m with comedian Eugene Mirman on this one, all child porn is extreme perversion, there is no “non-extreme” child porn. Also how do you claim that it wasn’t premeditated when he used his credit card? And had these lovely phrases in his search engine history: …actually on second thought I will just provide a link to the Stuff.co.nz story as I don’t want my site associated with those terms.

  2. Winston Peters.

    Just when you think that all he can do is rustle up lies in Parliament for votes and scaremonger he comes along with a grain of truth that ends up putting Paul Swain in the poo. Did you see them on Close-Up at 7? Paul Swain kept trying to talk but Peters looked mean and took over the interview.

  3. Tony Blair.

    The election is tonight (NZ time) and Big Blair will get in. Even though he lied to the British public about the war. Even though that lie killed heaps of Britons. Even though he doesn’t deserve it. He will most likely win because the other guys are twats.

    Don’t you hate it when the guy who has done all the bad shit still turns out to be the lesser of the two evils?

  4. Michael Jackson.

    For getting into the mess he’s in and thus ruining Thriller for me (I can’t listen to it now!)I don’t know if he’s innocent or guilty. Every witness, on both sides, is so screwed up and biased that nobodies testimony can be taken.

  5. Wellington’s weather.

    Ok this isn’t a person but I couldn’t think of anything else right now (wait until tomorrow). But come on! Fog?! Again?! Yeah, real original.

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