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Monday, May 09, 2005

[Sport] NZRFscrewU

%#&$%ing NZRFU!
$#@&ing $%^#@@&^*#er!
Professionals my #$$!

This morning I went to the NZRFU site and copied their data into an excel spreadsheet to do my analysis. This is the table which I modified for my table below.

The NZRFU had made a small mistake (which they have since corrected) and had the Hurricanes on 30 points instead of 34. This is NOT a data entry mistake on my part. However, this means my post has the following mistakes in it:

The Hurricanes cannot lose their semi-final berth no matter what. They would probably prefer to play the Waratahs in the semis though. The Bulls can leapfrog the Hurricanes ONLY if they get 5 points from the weekend (a win with 4 tries). If the Bulls lose the Highlanders can make it into the semis with a win. If the Bulls lose the Blues can make it to the semis with a win. I don’t know how tie-breaks work in the Super 12, but if the Brumbies can win with a bonus point then they might make the semis (if the Blues, Highlanders and Bulls all lose).

Remember that all mistakes are the fault of the NZRFU!!!! Not me. I accept no responsibility at all.

If the Brumbies do make the semis (because they beat the Bulls 21-19 earlier in the season; although I really don’t know how they run tie breaks) then Super 12 rugby is officially a farce. Why? Because that means that team with a losing record (5-1-5; assuming the NZRFU website is correct now) will be in the finals ahead of three teams with a winning record (i.e. 6 wins or more). I hope that it will not happen and that if it does that the offended franchises (Bulls, Blues and Highlanders) all withhold games until the bonus points are turfed out.


I have edited the original posts below so please read them, if you haven’t already, below.

ps. I have been told that tie breaks are run by looking at "4-try bonus points" followed by "close loss bonus points". This still means that the Brumbies would get through.

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