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Thursday, June 07, 2007

48 hour finale

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Burst Reviews:
Remember "burst theory"? Well this is the movie review version of that. So be warned the post is made almost entirely out of sour grapes.

This may also be one of "those" posts. The kind that mean I'll "never work in this town again", which is weird because technically I haven't worked in this particular town yet. The metaphorical town is Wellywood.

I'm gonna review the finalists in the 48 hour competition, and I'm not very nice about some of them. As such I'm not going to say which film I am reviewing, I'll let you guess which one it is. The list of finalists is here. (oh and I've scrambled my reviews so it's not in the same order as screened...or is it? nope...or is it? nope...but maybe...).

  1. What was the genre? I asked. Crime? someone answered. Wasn't it Religious? someone else said. Fuck I don't know, I said, it could've been anything really. I thought the acting was pretty good and I lurved the camera work; but I was just pissed off at the kind of non-story and non-genre. Also what's with not sticking to the PG rating these days? I thought the M rating only applied to grindhouse films
  2. I didn't laugh as hard as I did the first timeI saw it (or maybe i did, it's hard to recall) but I think this is a good pure 48hours film
  3. it was...alright. I laughed pretty hard at the [famous] joke. This film was weird as most teams did "straight" grindhouse films (funny because they were bad) whereas these guys did sort of a spoof. Looked great though
  4. I didn't laugh at all when I saw this film a second time and the first half with it's pieces to camera irked me something awful
  5. It just didn't grab me, but I suppose it wasn't that bad.
  6. I realised later that the film didn't make sense. They got a joke with the "missing reel" gag but it meant they were able to cut straight to the gory bits without having to worry about the story. It's a fallacy that Grindhouse films didn't have stories, they were just reeeally bad ones.
  7. Sooooo cuuuute. The story wasn't too bad either
  8. Yeah, I laughed at this. But then I realised what it was...Hot Fuzz. The really straight main guy running a tight ship with his goofy assistant, "fired" by his boss. Even the shots were the same.
  9. I had this as my "lock to win" and was really surprised that it didn't even get runner up. Still this is what you get when the guys who sing and produce music for a living get musical as their genre. Loop's Mikee Tucker was in the credits as many things and the actors included Daniel Weetman from various Wellington bands and Raashi Malik from Rhombus (who also has a solo album I think). Oh and it looked freaking fantastic!
  10. I hated this film. Hated it. The only time I laughed was at the "What do you call that" line. Improvised crap with absolutely NO story and that we've all seen before in this competition and in numerous mockumentaries.
  11. Really really crap and was probably a fluke entry. Though how it beat out Destination Earth, Rope Burn, that film noir one called Crime, Rope Theory and dozens of others, I will never know.
  12. At the time I didn't like it but after thinking about it later, I liked it. They also did the "missing reel" gag but didn't lose any part of the story (only some of the plot if we're being pedantic) I'm happy it got in.

Wow that emptied out the old spleen! So this is where I say "Actually, they were all pretty good and most of them really did deserve to be in the finals". And it's true most of them did. Some of them should never have even been considered. You know who you are.

Dum dum dummmmmmm!


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