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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

New tat, bro

I believe that the best time to get a tattoo is in winter. This means that you don’t have to worry about sunburn (like I do), there’s less temptation to go swimming and it’s all healed and stuff by the time sleeveless summer rolls around.

The downside is that it’s annoying having to wear long-sleeves over your new artwork and goosebumps under a brand new tat hurt!


stephen said...

Pics, please.

And why'd you go to AK for it?

Martha Craig said...

Yeah, ya big tease. Pic now!

Hadyn said...

A pic would involve my semi-naked body (albeit the socially acceptable kind of semi-nudity). I have to send a pic to my northern friends so I'll see.

I went to Auckland for it because that's where my tattooist (the wonderful Liesje Kurghan) resides and works.

stephen said...

I'm going tattooing again soon. I quiet like ol Rog' in Cuba street.

Martha Craig said...

semi-naked bodies are very acceptable.

che tibby said...

nice tatt bro. very, very nice lines.

must have hurt like the billyo