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Friday, June 01, 2007


I read Kung Fu Monkey’s post about Burst Culture (and then Warren Ellis’ and then Che’s) and I thought that now would be the time to adopt it.

At the moment I’ve got a stupid freakin’ boatload of stuff on and writing in bursts just makes it easier. It’s pretty much what Martha’s been doing for a while.

So my new rule for web-writing is (be it on the blog or forums or whatever):

if I have to think longer than 5 seconds about the next part of my statement/argument/humorous anecdote then I must be done and will press “submit”.

That way I won’t be stressing about properly covering my ideas, instead I’ll be flooding the place with proto-ideas like a primordial web before the evolution of higher web-beings.

So with that in mind:

  1. I really needed a post to go up that could follow the one about Rolly.
  2. I went into the Sony Store on Willis St a few weeks ago looking for an extension cord for my Sony headphones (female to male headphone jack cable). Dick Smith had sold me one that was 2m long (the shortest available) and was heavy enough to pull the phones off my ears.

    The guy in the Sony store said “hang on a sec…” then he grabbed a white thin iPod-esque cord out of a drawer and said “here ya go”. Wow, how much? I asked. He shrugged and said just take them.For that act the Sony Store on Willis St gets a big thumbs up and a wee song: Sony, I wanna thank you for the Son-shine, you gave!
  3. I told the guy at the Sony Store I had lost the cord when in fact I had left them on the ground and one of my (very very naughty) cats pooed on it.As we left Amy said to me: “we should go back in and say: I lost part of my PS3, it was the bit that you put the disc into, and everything around that”
  4. Our 48hours film went incredibly well. Incredibly well! We had two micro-dramas (about batteries and sound). We won Audience favourite in our heat.

    A lot of people on the crew are thinking that we’ll get into the finals, but I’m managing my expectations. We got Educational or Religious film. I pushed hard and got my idea through: a very very very dry “documentary” about something called Rope Theory (the theory wasn’t my idea). No gags and no jokes, we made it just like a real documentary (albeit about a fake topic). The content was based around a BBC documentary about Fermat’s Last Theorem (but not stolen).

    I felt that people didn’t really “get it” during the heat. I overheard one guy saying about our team: “they took themselves too seriously”. Well (fingers) to you buddy! Some of us actually came into this competition to make a decent film not just string together a bunch of gags with no story or script.
  5. Saw the Flight of the Conchords pilot the other day and I liked it. A couple of the characters bugged me, but let’s see where it goes. Whenever it gets here.
  6. The title of this blog is from the injury my players always seem to suffer in Madden: Elbow/Hip/Knee Burstitis

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Cathi said...

Similar helpful Sony persons tale here. I wanted an extension cord of the kind you describe, and the guy scrabbled round in a drawer, found one and gave it to me. Only thing was, it was white, and I (not being an iPod person) wanted a black one. "Come back in a week or so," he said. "I'll swop it for you."

When I went back, several weeks later, this guy was nowhere to be seen. So I asked the nearest person if he would do the swop, and he just did. No questions. No comments. No charge :)