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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

New Tat: The photos

Well you wanted them so here ya go:


  • Why is it all shiny?
    It's all shiny because I've just put on the Bepanthen to keep it all nice.
  • Are you gonna get it coloured in?
    Yes it will be colored in (see below). I have to wait at least two weeks for the lines to be completely healed and then make another appointment when both me and my tattooist are free (possibly August)
  • Did it hurt?
    Jesus on a stick did it what! The three most painful places in order (bad to worst): Inner elbow, collarbone, outer elbow. The outer elbow not only hurt the most but also took the longest because Liesje needed to make sure that the ink was not going to "drop out" as the skin there is tough.
    I have to say though that lollies help a lot! I had a bag of fruit gummis and a handful of those gives you a sugar rush that (almost) cancels out the pain. I needed it too as my legs were shaking from the adrenaline after a while, which was bad because you really need to sit/lie still.
  • Who is Liesje?
    Liesje is my brilliant tattooist. She also writes for an online magazine called The Tattooed Heart (here is the My Space version).
  • What is the image?
    It's from a Moet and Chandon ad by Alfons Mucha. You can see it on the right here. The irises and tulips will be added to when I go in for the next part. So that will be even more pain.
  • How long did it take?
    Well I went in at 12.30, Liesje started tattooing at about 1pm and we were finished at 6pm. We did take some breaks though, so 3-4 hours maybe?
  • Do you like it?
    I fucking love it! I look so much prettier (which I'll admit is hard to tell in the photos above)

  • Can you elaborate on the personal significance of the artwork?
    I have had a love of Art Nouveau for a looong time. I think it may have been the first artistic style that I recognised while growing up (with Art Deco). I also drink Champagne whenever I can. The berries in the basket will be raspberries. My grandfather used to grow raspberries and I have very strong memories of them. Tulips are my favourite flowers (followed by snapdragons) but irises look cool and are more nouveau
  • How much did it cost?
    Liesje, like nearly every tattooist, charges by the hour. This piece set me back $450, which was under what I think it should've cost so I'm going to pay over when I get the colour done.


stephen said...

Holy god, that looks great!

<*> can you elaborate on the personal significance of the artwork? V. curious.

<*> How much did it cost?

Jed said...

Awesome, dude! I can't wait to see it in the flesh, so to speak.

PS as an erudite blogger, I'm sure you intentionally put the spelling mistake in your profile for comic effect, right? ;) And that's letting 'ya' and 'gonna' slide because they have street cred.

Hmmm, this really wasn't meant to degenerate into a pedantic grammar fight, especially with a mean-assed tattooed guy, so I'll finish with...

what an f n great tat, sir!

Hadyn said...

Curse you Jed and your proofing reading abilities. Actually that mistake must've been there since 05 (said "ought five") when I set this puppy up, wow.

Note that I also have a "wife-beater" singlet, meaning I'm really tough with my flowery tattoo.

Alan said...

That's pretty amazing!

Brings back happy memories of seeking out nouveau in Brussels. Not that we saw any nouveau tats though...

che tibby said...

just brings back memories of reminding myself "my pain in nothing" when sarah of tattoo magic in fitzroy was cutting me... *with a razor blade".

but enough about my empathising. nice work

backin15 said...

Haydo, great art is about suffering, someone surely said; fantastic tattoo... only wish I had the courage to do one I want (I know precisely what it is, three Pohutukawa blossoms...)

Stephen said...

I'm not a fan of huge arm tattoos. They're... too much for me. But that is O for Awesome.

s said...

these tattoos are really very nice.

Scott Ryan said...

these tattoos are really very nice.