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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Nigerian email scams from Sudan

So this wasn't the most inventive email scam I've recieved (that was about a girl whose parents died during the London bombings), but this little gem from Alexander Kelueljang is pretty good.

Alex fled Sudan to a rufugee camp in Abidjan, Ivory Coast and now needs my help to retrieve his father's safety deposit box. "This box contan (1.8 million dollars) was concealed in a metallic box".

Why I love this particular letter is this one sentence:
"We were advice to live Sudan immedantly as i am the next target of he rebbles that assassinated my father."

I wish that this wasn't a real scam. I wish that if I contacted Alex he would say "Please, I need you to assemble a crack team (of ex-CIA, ex-Navy SEAL etc etc) to pull off a Danny Ocean-esque heist on the National Bank of Ivory Coast. The best time will be during the FIFA African qualifying match due to happen next week. Mr Green, you are this family's last hope..."


che tibby said...

don't take the piss. you might have just identified the plot of your next script.

"but... but... we were after justice for some nigerian kid, and brought down a corrupt government by accident"


Gibbs said...

I just got offered a trip to thailand to sign for a dead guys inheritance. We share the same name. I get 40% of 7.2 million US dollars. Yowzer!