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Friday, February 04, 2005

Get your f*ckin' ACT together!

Well there was a humourous post here regarding John (Banksy) Banks' return to politics with the ACT party.


The ACT party's website crashed my browser (Mozilla Firefox) and I kissed my post goodbye.

Here's the gist: please don't vote for him.

Interestingly ACT would want to run as an electoral (not a list) M.P. This alters ACT's gameplan which was previously to simply pray for enough votes.

I have just realised that my post is getting close to "political correctness gone mad". So I had better stop. (Actually I need to get back to work)

Have a good weekend. Have you applied for leave yet to watch the Superbowl?
Better get onto that. We'll be at Sports Cafe' on Wellington's Courtenay Pl @ 12.00ish
come and join us if you support the Eagles. We'll be the loud ones at the table up the front.
Tah rah

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Anonymous said...

Scott Says:
ACTually, ACT has been campaigning for awhile on trying to get one seat. Rodney has been claiming he'll win Epsom. It was never going to happen, but ACT play a clever game, knowing people recoil from list-only parties. With Wanksy, they could claim to be going for two seats, and could probably win one. Anyone remember Banks' last campaign, with Banks claiming to be the abused victim of the EVIL Dick Hubbard (not that John was complaining). Banks' office sent out hatchet jobs on Hubbard, and noone from the media ever saw the mythical hatchet job on Banks.
ACT lies. John lies. He hires liars (the dude who lied about the post outs for John was ACTs campaign dude in a past election. Act weren't going to fire him this election, last I read). ACT will get back into parliament next term. Its a done deal. Nixon won. ACT will too. Let's just hope they let us vote in 2008. I have a funny feeling their fraudster might decide to up the ante next election. After all, our electoral commission is probably running out of wet bus tickets to slap him with.