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Monday, February 07, 2005

Superbowl enjoyed by all.

The Philadelphia Eagles have finally made it to the that upper echelon of of teams that have won a Superbowl. They beat the Patriots by 9 points, a David Akers field goal 1 minute before full time icing the game for the riegning champs.
Scenes of extreme delight exploded all over the field as Eagles players ran around with sunshine practically radiating form their faces. Coach Andy Reid, soaked to the skin in Gatorade(tm), thanked his opposing coach Bill Bellichick for a good game, wished departing Pats coordinator Romeo Cremmel all the best at Cleveland and then went to celebrate with his team.
Holding aloft the Vince Lombardi trophy (specially minted each year by Tiffany's of New York) QB Donovan McNabb gave all the credit to his team, thanking especially Freddie Mitchell for catching a 61yd pass on 3rd and 12 that set up the Eagles for their game winning FG.

This is all fiction. This is being written at 11.30 on the morning of the Big Game. If I have to be honest I would say it's gonna be a close game and the Pats will win by 1 or 2 points with a pissy little FG. If this is what happens the Patriots should officially change their name to the New England Vinitieris, in honour of the man, kicker Adam Viniteiri, who won them all of the Superbowls. The little face on the side of the helmets can be altered to look like him and when he retires he can become their offical mascot.

Well, lets see what really happens.
C U all at 12.30

1 comment:

Hadyn said...

Commenting on my own blog. How sad.
Any way the Pats won by 3 points from a field goal scored 8mins before the end. I suppose this means that they don't HAVE to change their name but they should anyway.