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Friday, February 11, 2005

Sleep and dinosaurs

I have jus finished January's National Geographic (yes even though I subscribe I am a month behind).
In it there is an excellent article about caffeine.
Some interesting points were the fact that most people don't get enough sleep, so we take stimulants like caffeine which then causes us to lose sleep. Brilliant!
I needed a coffe to finish the article because I have had a troubled week of sleep. Partly due to a new bus timetable that means we can no longer sleep-in to catch "the late bus" because there is no "late bus". And partly due to hyperactive nocturnal kittens.

I also just finished a book called The Dinosaur Hunters by Deborah Cadbury. It gives a great insight to the world of Victorian science and the epilogue details where you can see all of the pieces mentioned in the story.

One of the pieces is the tooth of an Iguanodon (pictures at the bottom) that was discovered by the books "hero" Gideon Mantell. It was the first piece to be indentified (by the French Baron Cuvier) as coming from an ancient reptilian species. And it resides in NZ's National Museum Te Papa. The catalogue number is MNZ GH 004839. Te Papa may have some more items as well and so may the Auckland Museum.

How cool. Um, ok maybe not cool. How interesting.

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