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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

[General] Holy Blog, Blogman!

Kia ora koutou

I did a little Blog-trolling yesterday (via the above randomizer) and came across the following superhero blog. There seems to be a small community of these people, as can be seen by this guy’s (or girl’s) links on the right-hand side. [For those who are afraid to click the links these are people blogging as comic superheroes]

Do you think they dress up to blog? I shouldn’t be so harsh. I am such a geek that I could not help but think that they were damn funny (and I got most of the references).

I especially liked the Hulk’s blog.

Maybe we need these web-do-gooders. Considering how things are handled by regular police. This story outlines why you should not take your luggage to Washington DC. A man was surrounded and then tackled by armed police–who had already evacuated the area of civilians–because he was standing with two suitcases near a government building. Did you notice there is no mention what is in the suitcases? Underwear maybe?

That’ll do for the moment.
Heoi anō

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