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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

[General] Keeping Things Tidy

Mike pointed out the problem with yesterday’s grammar problem. I had grappled with this one in the past and the answer I gave is the answer that I have received constantly from Microsoft Word. Paste it into a Word document and see.

And now just some quick housekeeping that José has asked for. All of the post titles will now include a quick descriptor of what they are about in square brackets. The topics in alphabetical order are:

  • [Cartoon] --pictures that make you smile
  • [Comment] --may also include rants
  • [General] --this is day-to-day normal blog stuff about life or cool links we’ve found
  • [NBA Basketball] --duh
  • [NFL Football] --and duh again
  • [Sport] --this is general sport stuff

Hope this will clear stuff up. I’d just read all of it if I were you. Hahaha

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