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Friday, April 15, 2005

[General] My Many Adventures

Well, I started the week meeting with world leaders and ministers (the names of which I cannot reveal as then everyone would know who I was and where I worked) and local VIPs who work “behind the scenes”. Very cool.

I ended the week (or rather started the end of the week) by sharing an elevator with an international star of the silver screen (whose name I will also not reveal). The following is a dramatisation of the event:

The lift arrives at the same time I do and I follow a seemingly “normal” (un-famous) person into elevator. Noting that Ground Floor had indeed been pressed I lean back against the hand-rail and straight in to the face of a famous celebrity. Making sure my brain isn’t playing tricks, I start to scrutinise the face, at that moment he looks at me. There is an awkward glance around the elevator from both of us. Then I think: “Fuck it! I’m gonna say hello”. So I do.

“Kia ora, I’m Hadyn, it’s nice to meet you”, “Nice to meet you too”, he responds. Then, with nothing to follow it up, we both stare awkwardly around the lift for the NEXT NINE FLOORS!

Afterwards, Dom told me I should’ve said “Hey, I loved you in…” and then just insert a random movie that he wasn’t in. E.g. “I loved that dance you did in Footloose, man you rocked!”

Well José’s down for the weekend and we are going to the Armageddon expo. I’ll take my camera and snap a few geeks in their natural environment.

No. I won’t be dressing up. (By the way you seriously have to click this link it is the funniest thing you will ever see, unless you are one of these people).

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