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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

[NFL Football] My Hero

Ah, now I remember why I liked Wednesday mornings at work…I mean Wednesday evenings at home during my own time (just in case the boss has stumbled onto this blog). Tuesday Morning Quarterback (and hero of mine), Gregg Easterbrook has returned with his yearly NFL Mock Mock Draft.

I have nothing to add to NFL commentary at the moment. The pre-draft free agency is dribbling to a close (which means the Patriots are just starting to sign players) and the draft coverage is getting repetitive. I take some diabolical glee in the fact that Ty Law (whose real name is Tajuan (presumably pronounced “Taiwan”) and has two children, Tya and Ty Jr.) is still un-signed; that’ll teach him for being greedy.

Starting this weekend I will attempt something unheard of here at the Hammer. I will blog about rugby.

(Pause for effect).

Coming off a dizzying high of picking all the Super 12 games correctly last weekend I decided I was going to have a closer look at this mug’s game.

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