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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

[General] Suitcase Follow-up

Never say that we here at The Hammer are not true journalists. Not only will you get an angry stare from us but we will, eventually, prove you wrong, somehow.

I have followed up on the piece in yesterday’s blog about the poor bloke who was tackled by police for having suitcases near government buildings in Washington.

The man was belligerent, and did not respond to police orders; because he did not speak English. He was a Chinese tourist who had gone to Washington in the hope of seeing George Bush. For his troubles one of suitcases was destroyed by water-cannon as it contained “wires”. The wires turned out to be a CD player. After all of this they still charged the poor man! It’s all here. Including the picture of the SWAT guys sneaking up on him (and standing on the flowers!).

Still random arrests and the destruction of private property is the price we have to pay for America’s Freedom.

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