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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

[General] In the news

Yeah, yeah, I know this wasn’t on my list (below) but I had to put this in when I saw it.

Retards in Australia want to kill sharks

An Australian shark attack survivor wants Australia to lift its protection of the Great White Shark. In fact he wants Australia to start culling the sharks.

"It's time they started controlling the numbers. Controlled culling – they kill our national emblem, the kangaroo, they kill elephants in Africa," [attack victim Jake Heron]

So the argument is: There are now too many sharks in their natural habitat where we want to go swimming and surfing.


Why don’t we just go the whole hog? Coral reefs munch surfers something awful and way more often than sharks do, I think we should start a controlled cull of coral. What about mountain bikers being hurt by rocks and trees? I suggest a cull of rocks and trees as well.


Alright, the stuff I actually promised IS coming.

PS. Do "they" actually kill elephants. I suppose Africa is pretty big so maybe somebody did.

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