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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

[General] Old Joke

I have been searching my Gmail account for this cartoon. I came up with the words and it was drawn by my good friend Jose for a local gig guide (we had a run of strips in one). The "gag" is that Magic Chair has magic powers that allow him and his friend Kow to travel through space and time (usually with humerous results).
For those of you who don't know, Charlotte Dawson was a local celebrity who was snapped (at various times) in compromising positions. Naturally we were not allowed to have this one go to print. As I said above I finally found this and thought it needed to see the light of day (so to speak).


Jose was lucky enough to get to interview the mighty Roots Manuva (link has sound) last night for Real Groove Magazine and so this cartoon is in tribute to his fine work (Jose's not Roots').

1 comment:

Bassett said...

1) Thanks for the link! GO JETS!

B) That cartoon is funny as hell

III) Roots Manuva rocks! Loved that guy since i heard him on a Groove Armada song!