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Thursday, September 08, 2005

[Politics] Dude, this is pretty F$%ed up right here

Yeah, I know, not every coincidence is proof of something. But one guy says that his group has been working on a campagn for more than 18 months (not 10, not 27, but 18). Then another member of the group says he met with Brash 18 months ago and had a chat about the evil Labour party. That number again.

If you were a bible reading person you would know what all this means. 18, 18, 18. That's right.

18 = 3 times 6. Three sixes... 6 6 6. The number of the Beast!!

OK, so enough of the cult speak. After all, I have not got between $500,000 and $1,000,000 to send my lies to every mail box in New Zealand. So my opinion is only as valid or useful as its ability to entertain or be true.

Some truths to ponder:
Don Brash is an atheist meeting with religious dudes to talk about how evil Helen Clarke is. This is the guy who complained a church let an agnostic (Helen Clarke) speak. Who converted from Christianity to the Right.

The guy who rudely interjected (as did Helen) during the leaders debate on TV1, then said he lost cause he was polite!?!

Who accused his own party (accidently) of running a vicious campaign. Freudian slip?

But I have met the National voters. One said he was voting to get rid of that old Chestnut, a PC government. The other was voting to get rid of Maori scholarships (does Hadyn have a link to that quiz about Maori issues, which contains facts about Maori scholarships and Treaty issues?). [Ed: I will dig that baby up]

Don is like his cousin George. It doesn't matter if they are stupid. If they lose TV debates. If they are a subset of their opponents' abilities. Or even if they don't know their own partys' policies. Money talks. If you can cheat, it can talk real loud. And people will believe a lie, if repeated often enough.

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