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Friday, August 25, 2006


Tokyo, and I'm a marked man. Kirk Penney's three point shooting has meant New Zealand (or Nyu Jirando) is a swear word. Having knocked the host nation out of the Basketball World Cup karma was looking for revenge against kiwis. Therefore it should have come as no surprise when an ATM swallowed our card. Bastards!

The game against Argentina is here in Tokyo so I'm gonna try to find a bar full of kiwis and organise some kind of "haka"

Tokyo is a city of smells. Some nice, some not so nice. As such breathing through ones nose becomes a sport, with extravagent highs and bottomless lows.

I have become addicted to Onitsuka Tigers (photos to follow). I have the shoes (from Ginza), and now the t-shirt (from Roppongi Hills) and soon may have a bag as well.

For those of you keeping score, this is the first post from a wifi hotspot! For traveling wifiers I reccommend Tully's Coffee shops. (Tully's, for cold coffee and cool internet).


Martha said...

We lived in Tokyo for a short time, and the only money machine that would ever work for me was in Ginza. It meant a lot of travelling to get cash. There is a great magazine library in Ginza actually, it has the Listener if you're feeling homesick (ha).

I'm very jealous. Have a katsudon for me (although you have to have it with a hangover - perhaps after the haka).

Martha said...

Oooh, just remembered a cool thing to do. Go to the Sapporo factory - can't remember exactly where - somewhere on the Yamamoto line - they have a great virtual factory ride (great = cheesy), and beer tasting at the end.