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Friday, August 04, 2006

Newsflash: Posting comments can be fun!


Currently I post a comment about once a fortnight usually on one of Hadyn’s posts and more often than not, about a week too late. But today I discovered a new game I can play when posting that could see my posting frequency nearly double.

Okay, you know how whenever you write a comment blogger asks you to enter in a combination of letters that can often make up a funny word. You know like Yvvqjux, wukpimm or vtiacz (that last one is actually Polish (I looked it up) and translates roughly to be “scary clown”). The challenge is to insert this new word or Ljibwad© ,as I call it (after the combination I had when I thought of this game). So put on your mnwierz and get Ljibwadding ©!

© Copyright Dom Gibbs 2006


whitejacket said...

What are you on about Gibbs?

Gibbs said...

Look blokey, It just struck me that this could be an oqsnwnub! Or am I the only one who gets word verified everytime I want to leave a comment?