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Sunday, August 27, 2006

More Photos!!!

I know you just love these photo posts

The Apple store in Ginza. A good place for free internet.

Onitsua Tiger store in Ginza where I got my flash new shoes.
Onitsuka Tiger store in Roppongi Hills where I got my flash new tshirt and Amy got her flash new bag. Seriously Asics, you owe us.

Art in Roppongi Hills. The numbers change or disappear at random. Very pretty.
A small alleyway in Shinjuku that is lined with skewer places. Great eats.
Godzilla!!! (Statue in Hibiya, I thought he'd be taller in person)
Sign outside a Freshness Burger. New! Zealand Smoothies. The flavours are cofee, berry, tropical and chocolate. Very kiwi.
Fugu. The deadliest food of all. Outside of a Fugu (pufferfish) store in Asakusa.
Yokohama bust pudding. ::Cough:: We didn't buy one.

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