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Monday, August 21, 2006

Skewers and Sweat

(Still having trouble with the photos, but they are coming)

We braved the perils of electric city (Akihabara) and came away with NOTHING. But only because we are heading back later to buy stuff. I was seriously considering going to a Maid Cafe. Then common sense and a severe case of insight prevailed.

We are in Shinjuku right now, blogging from a booth in GeraGera, a manga cafe. Technically this is Shinjuku's red light district but it is the tamest one you have ever seen. We just ate tamest one you have ever seen. We just ate in a you have ever seen. We just ate in a an alleyway that has been around since pre-war Japan. It is packed with tiny hole-in-the-wall eateries. What we didn't realise is that they are EXPENSIVE hole-in-the-wall eateries. I suggest figuring out the price before sitting (though I imagine it was mostly the Gaijin surcharge).

It is SAID that the eskimo have 100 words for snow; I have learned in the last few days that the Japanese have 100 words for please and thank you. A single Japanese person is more polite than any number of mothers who drilled manners into you as a child. On the first night I accidentally set off a bowing frenzy from the taxi driver when I bent down for my bag.

Another thing I have noticed is that, although Japan is packed to bursting with computers and technology and robots, the number of wifi networks is very very small. So small in fact that we are constantly on the look out for internet cafes like GeraGera.

Lastly, we met a very nice American couple today, Colin and Chris. They went to the Ghibli with us and were very nice travelling companions. (the Ghilbli museum was amazing but more on that later)

It is still averaging 30 degrees and we are still sweating buckets!


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Anonymous said...

While you're there, try Melon Fanta+Calpis from a vending machine, it is truly ambrosia. One of the cup-ones, it's labelled "メロンファンタ+カルピス".