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Monday, August 14, 2006

Trip Counter

On Friday I’m off overseas with my lovely lady. In order to keep you abreast and up-to-date on all of our exploits I will be posting here.

So expect photos from exotic locales (like London, OOOoooooo) and tales of New Zealand being brought into disrepute (drunken nights in Roppongi). The trick is to say you’re from Australia.

We also have this nifty trip planner tool from Yahoo Travel. So once I get the photos up on Flickr I’ll link them to the trip planner.

This week I am a blur of activity. Today is buying money. Tonight is dinner with 20 of our friends. Tomorrow is my last podcast for a month. Wednesday is packing and settling in our house-sitter. Thursday is putting the cats in the cattery and finalising the packing and getting ready for…Friday, flying out at a ludicrous time of the morning.

I’m sure that the writing won’t just be: “this is a temple, here are some Japanese people”, I’m sure it will be insightful and deep. Of course that depends on the jetlag.

1 comment:

Jack Yan said...

Bon voyage! May have to go off myself in the next few weeks.