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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Welcome to Tokyo!

The first stop on our trip is the world's largest city (I'm not sure how they measured it). It is hot over here.

We left Auckland on the 28th and it was a bright sunny winter's day, it was 5 degrees C. Here in Tokyo it is 38 degrees C. It was 31 degrees by 10am! At night it drops to a minimum of 28. So the thing we have done the most in Tokyo is sweat. I know you are all sympathising.

The vending machines are my friends, however, and we have been giving them ¥150 a pop for Pocari Sweat )the world's best "ion drink".

Yesterday we toured Ueno park. It is massive and full of awesome statues and crows. For the crows imagine magpies but bigger, blacker and with sharper beaks. All of the wildlife is bigger here (photos to come). I got freaked out by a giant beetle that got stuck in my bag (about the size of the old 50 cent piece.

We also saw the National Art Museum and Toshuga shrine. Both very cool.

Lunch and dinner were in tiny little restaurants in the markets by the Ueno station. The markets sold everything from "designer inspired" clothes to pickled octopus (photos to come). We had lunch in a tiny little noodle place in an alleyway. Bloody hot though.

The language has been the hardest part. We order food by pointing at it and saying Kudasai (please). We run away if they try to speak any Japanese to us. (that's a joke btw).

Today we are in Ginza. I have never seen so many diamond stores! de Beers, Bulgari, Tiffanys! We are in the Apple Store using their free internet cafe. Yay Apple! I have never seen so many white pieces of eletronics! Mike, you would love it!

We are off to blow our budget on electronics tonight in Akihabara.

I'll try to get photos up soon as.


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