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Monday, March 21, 2005

But he's no Judy Bailey

Oh,Oh,Oh pick me. I’ll do Eric’s job, work three times the hours, for half the pay, and I’m ever so smart.

Poor old Eric Young. Not only is he having his pay packet dragged through the local media (and you can bet pretty soon it’ll be in parliament too) but he is a crap presenter/reporter who doesn’t deserve $180,000 for eight hours a day, let alone three. What’s he to do? I think he should offer his job to a younger person with a bit of flair, who isn’t a “bonehead muntard”, maybe someone who writes a blog; maybe someone who writes this blog (and isn’t named Jose or Gibbs). Anyone want Eric’s hourly rate? I suggest having a bucket handy as you might feel sick: $90 per hour.

According to Stuff.co.nz

TVNZ news and current affairs boss Bill Ralston said: "I've got no interest in
talking to you about this," before hanging up

Bill Ralston seems to be quite good at what he does (except maybe Close Up @ 7) but his own media commentary leaves something to be desired. He seems to want to chuck his toys a little too much. I’m glad the PM told him (and his counterparts at other stations) off.

By the way, why do all the names suck? Close Up @ 7, Holmes: on Prime, Campbell: Live. The last one, although the one I am most likely to watch, reminds me of Peter Frampton. Do you feel like we do, John Campbell!!??

Are you enjoying all of that lovely local-grown talent? All the good music; the cinematic praise and merriment; all of the good art and theatre (sorry couldn’t find a quick link)? Because under a National government you could kiss a large part of that goodbye (ps. please check out the web site for some nice photos of the leader, including one where he is having a great phone conversation). Dr Don has said that a National lead government would scrap the artist’s unemployment benefit.

“Ambition is one thing; fantasy is another. This programme will go under a
National Government.”

The Pathways to Arts and Cultural Employment programme is a means for artists to have a steady (if small) income while honing their artistic talents. Apparently there are only 1,200 recipients of this benefit. Of those 1,200, National is complaining that there is one florist, one stuffed toy maker, five (5) “hopeful” radio or television announcers (perhaps they are hoping for Eric’s job too) and an unspecified number of “fashion models”. That means National is complaining about roughly (depending on the number of models) 0.5% of the recipients.

Anyone who gets on the “artists dole” has my respect. I tried (as a writer) but pulled out when I discovered what you had to provide. A history of work that you can prove will lead to employment (or at least some kind of money). But what irks me most about Doc D’s release is when you read between the lines: if you’re poor don’t try to have dreams. I have heard the odd mention of “the dole” in a lot of New Zealand’s brilliant recent Hip-hop music. Add in National’s (failed) work-for-the-dole system and you have to wonder whether those hippity-hoppers (yes, I’m squarer than Richie Cunningham) would be able to make their lovely music under a National Government.

One final thing (and this is an angry outburst): to the guy who was scoring (not presenting) at the pub quiz the other night. You are a dick. You are not cool, your job as someone who copies names and checks answers does not give you the right to look down your nose at people who are asking you about stuff that you have done incorrectly. Dick.

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