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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Two Brilliant Replies

Well actually just one brilliant and one confusing.

As always if someone has a good comment on my blog I will give them their own post. The following comes from Canadian Liz in response to my State of the (Rugby) Union Address:

Unfortunately I know very little about rugby so I cannot comment there.
Interesting situation though.

Totally agree, the NFL is successful for all of those reasons, and other sports franchises need to learn from them. I mourn the end of the NFL season, but after the break I really look forward to its return, as opposed to...

Hockey, which has reached a point where there are so many teams, playing so many
games, and the season goes on for so long that I find myself bored by it.
The Stanley Cup Finals are held in June. In Canada in June, I hope to be outside cooking a steak, not inside watching a game on ice. We've been through this media yo-yo of "last minute talks" for months leading up to the cancellation of the season, where they were still professing an opportunity to hold less than half of the regularly
scheduled games and then the playoffs... ummm, doesn't that imply that most of the regular season doesn't matter? How about a season that actually matters by the end of it?

Will it lose as many viewers as baseball did during their strike? Too soon to tell. I don't get the sense that the hockey fans I know will stop watching next season. But quit your whining, players. You make more money in a couple of games than I, and a good portion of your fans, make in a year.

Sorry if I hijacked your issue with rantings of hockey :)

btw, hockey is technically not our national sport (lacrosse is), but is so popular here that most people think it is.

No worries Liz, hijack away. I think we are arguing the same thing but from different sports. We almost had a similar experience just before the Rugby World Cup with some players complaining that they would only get a quarter million for the month. In the end they didn't win. [insert pause for thought].

The second comment came from Celine:
Tati BBB totalmente nua depois do grande Kururu ou Macropus fuliginosos e onde
encontrar Austrália, Tasmânia e Nova Guiné.

...I don't know what to say. I think it's Portuguese. According to Babelfish "totalmente nua depois do grande Kururu" means "totally naked before the great Kururu".
And "Macropus fuliginosos e onde encontrar Austrália, Tasmânia e Nova Guiné" means "the Western Grey Kangaroo can be found in Australia, Tasmania and New Guinea".

I thought it might be dodgy advertising but then what does that have to do with the Western Grey Kangaroo? And who or what is the Grand Kururu. Please if can help, I would love this mystery to end. Celine that includes you!

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whitejacket said...

Yep it's Portuguese, possibly the Brazilian variant. Alas in all my travels I never once encountered the Great Kururu.