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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Career Moves

I thought Philly wasn’t doing much in the off-season. Turns out I was wrong. Everything was happening out of view of the public. Back-room manoeuvres, acquiring new recruits, sealing deals and making sure that beer and t-shirts get sold (actually I’m fairly sure the beer sells itself)…
Would you like to work for a major NFL franchise? How about an Arena League team? Check this out. Better hurry though most positions close today (NZ time).

In other news I had a great time at my friends “Playboy” party (at times it was a very thin line between “Playboy” party and Playboy party if you catch my meaning). Below you can see a photo of me (as Hunter S. Thompson) and my friend Mike (as Fidel Castro). Why was Fidel Castro at a “Playboy” party? We don’t know, but he didn’t enjoy the capitalist affluence even though he was wearing his slippers (not shown in photo). Thanks Morag, I had a great time. No Mum, I didn't actually smoke.

Public Address has got a good Hard News blog about “the Brain Drain”. It reminds me of those stats that you see about how New Zealanders in Australia have lowe unemployment than New Zealanders who stay here. Duh! Why do you think they are going to Oz? Because there are jobs waiting for them there (I wonder what the unemployment rate for ex-pat British in NZ is.) If you are a labourer/tradesman it’s probably better to stay here and become a millionaire, that way when you do go to Oz you can lie on the beaches and enjoy the sun and surf and snakes and spiders and jellyfish and…etc. Have there been any historical studies done on tertiary qualified New Zealanders going overseas? We were thinking about going to Europe to work, but only to get enough money to come back and buy a house in sunny Tauranga (well maybe not only).

If you do want to work overseas, again, please refer to this link. When you get free football tickets, just remember who showed you the link.

Lastly there has been a lot of talk in the news about whether or not bloggers are journalists or not. Let me just say that I’m not and as evidence I would like to show you my blog archive...no argument.

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whitejacket said...

10/10 on the costuming, but I'm afraid I don't believe you're wasted enough to do the good doctor justice. Next time I expect to see you legless on ether.