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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Stop in for a look-see

I love the random blog thing at the top of Blogspot blogs (don't click it yet!). For example today I came across this blog. It is all about one man’s fight with the Sony Corporation. The same company that manufactures DVD burners will remove particular DVDs of theirs from internet auctions depending on the distribution rights. This same company advertised a player to which they suggest you “download” MP3s (this was before the iTunes store and their contemporaries).

Actual conversation with a Sony Store salesman:

Me: (feigning interest in a palmtop computer) So what features does this model
have? [Over say, a train, which I could also afford (this last bit is a
Simpson’s quote, sorry)]

Salesman: Well at the moment it comes with a free pair of headphones so you can listen to music.

Me: Really? (say I looking curious) does this come with software to rip your CDs?

[This is still illegal in New Zealand as far as I am aware]

Salesman: Well, you could get a program I suppose, but you could just download MP3s off the internet.

Me: (with a straight face, wishing that I had a hidden camera) But isn’t that illegal?

Salesman: Well they're not going to come after you if you only have a few. [The little Palmtop would have had about a 2Gb hard drive]

I ended the conversation at this point, had I been a bit more of an investigative journalist I would have asked if I was allowed to download the music of Sony artists.

The other bad thing about the random blog tool up the top (don’t click it yet have a read around here first!) is that you often come across advertising blogs. These are blogs whose every post is an ad. Grrrr. That small growl is the closest I’m going to get to a rant today. Please, if you are a new visitor, have a look around, and then tell us what you think maybe remember us and come back (not that I’m desperate or needy).

This looks like a good place to end. Mahalo.

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