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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

NBA Basketball: Nothing yet

It’s been a few weeks since my last NBA post and still I know nothing. My inside advisor (who we will call Dave M) has been strangely silent, as though this season is still a mystery. I will be visiting with Dave, his lovely wife Sharmin and their cute-as-a-button son Kahu this weekend. I will be taking a notepad and bailing him up (Dave not Kahu) to get an answer.

From what I can glean, from a thin trawl of the ether, is that ex-sex offender Kobe Bryant and ex-rapper Shaquille O’Neal don’t like each other much. I would take Shaq’s side of that fight; the man is a human monolith. Also Kobe Bryant reminds me too much of R Kelly.

The other thing I discovered is that the Spurs and the Suns have been duking it out down south thinking that they are the best; then the Pistons go and kick San Antonio’s ass. Detroit as a home for franchises needs to look at renaissance of the Pistons and emulate their success. The Lions, the Tigers and the Redwings and not universally feared in their respective fields of endeavour, in fact the Tigers were almost at the bottom of ESPN’s (in)famous list of franchises (this has been updated since I first saw it).

The great hype factory, LeBron James, just scored 50points in the Cavalier’s loss to the Raptors. He apparently becomes a free agent at the end of this season, which as we have seen in the NFL, is interesting. Except without the NFL’s strict contract and salary cap rules, he’ll probably end up at the Lakers or some other team with deep pockets.

So does anyone watch the NBA regular season? Like the NHL, as pointed out by Liz, the NBA regular season is useless. There are 30 teams in the NBA of those 16 go to the play-offs. More than half of the teams go the play-offs. So if everything were equal your team would have a 53% chance of making the play-offs at the start of the season (in the NFL with the same scenario each team would have a 37% chance). So maybe I’ll get a bit more interested when the play-offs start (of course there is still a minimum of 60 games to go).

I’ll be back with more NBA after Easter. Man, Jesus must have loved bunnies.

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