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Monday, March 07, 2005

Swap Meet

The Raiders get Randy Moss; the Vikings get Napoleon Harris. The Jets get Laveranues Coles; the Redskins get Santana Moss. The Ravens got Derrick Mason. The Browns got Trent Dilfer.

The Jets-Redskins trade is the most interesting because there seems to be no reason for it to happen. Maybe there were players wanting to be traded. Coles sure seemed to want out of the Redskins (and who can blame him) but Moss seemed (outwardly) happy at the Jets. Well, considering that Coles left the Jets for large sums of money at the ‘skins he better come back with his head bowed in reverence. I like Moss and wish him well at the ‘skins (the trade is official once both players pass a physical); he will be missed as real good player, and damn fast. On a side note the Jets gave up running back LaMont Jordan (there is a lovely photo on this link) to free agency and he went to the Raiders where he should start and we can all see how good he is. As a replacement the Jets got Derrick Blaylock from the Chiefs, nice one Jets.

This is old news, but Randy Moss has gone to the Raiders. I think that the Oakland ideals of sportsmanship, team building and fair play will shine through and help Randy become as great as Jerry Rice before him. Please insert the Tui slogan. The Vikings on the other hand seem to be doing well on their defensive spend-up after acquiring Pat Williams for their defensive line. But, can anyone tell me who Daunte Culpepper is going to throw to? Who was the second WR in the Vikings line-up? And at running back? (Actually there are three: 1,2,3) These are mysteries to be solved later in the year (although the way this off-season is going it will probably be tomorrow).

Did the Browns really want Trent Dilfer? Really? They only lost a fourth round pick for him, but Trent Dilfer? Maybe Romeo Crennel has got something cooking for the draft.
The Ravens got Derrick Mason and now all they need is someone to throw to him. Maybe they should’ve got Trent Dilfer. And in other WR news, Mushin Muhammad has a new home in Chicago and now all they need is someone to throw to him. Maybe they should’ve got Trent Dilfer. (wait didn’t I already write that?). Actually I would like to see Kurt Warner at the Bears.

Now the only really big question remaining is: Where will Plaxico go? and Does anyone want Ty Law or Samari Rolle?

Right that’ll do me for today
I swear there will be something on Basketball by the end of the week.

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