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Monday, June 12, 2006

Comedy of Weather

I don’t believe Wellingtonians are that stupid. Here is what I think happens every windy rainy day:

The beautiful people at Feeling Great (or possibly the WCC marketing dept) get out and about stuffing broken umbrellas into random litterbins. They also employ people to wander around and have Charlie Chaplin moments as their umbrellas explode in various directions.

This morning while I waited to cross the road under a shelter, a business man across the road stood with a flimsy umbrella in hand. How do I know this was a put on? He wore only his business suit. No long coat, no gortex wet-weather gear, not even a hat.

His umbrella was instantly turned inside out. He then spent several comedy moments trying to turn it back the right way round as me and the girl next to me laughed hysterically. I only wish I had the Bennie Hill music on my iPod. Just when he thought it was sorted the light changed for us to cross and the inevitable gust of wind reshaped his umbrella into a martini glass.

Comedy like this doesn’t happen by accident.

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